About TTMG Internet

Sunderland Software CentreTTMG Internet is a digital marketing agency based in the north east of England with clients throughout the UK.

The business was originally established in late 2005 as The Traffic Manager Group (TTMG) and was focused on website promotion and website traffic growth.

Inevitably when looking at website traffic and search engine optimisation (SEO) the structure of the website comes into question and so over the years a great deal of time has been spent on website structuring as part of the work. The extent and reach of the technical side of the business has therefore also developed in parallel to the marketing side.

To reflect the widening nature of the business activities it was renamed TTMG Internet in late 2009 to reflect the more general internet focus the business then had.

One thing that has become obvious over the years is the need for economical solutions that can be implemented quickly: not everyone wants (or needs to be) Amazon.com. This is where the “Step” packages came from – simple, search engine friendly solutions that can be put in place quickly and then promoted.

We recognise, however, that the mind is willing, but the flesh can be weak – or stuff just happens. Clients often intend to respond quickly, but are constrained by the demand of normal business. TTMG Internet has therefore developed a focused approach to even small projects that makes it easy to pull to together a site structure and content and takes the pain out of developing a new site, or re-working an existing one.

The launch of the Ciiicle service in 2016 was generated from many years of experience going right back to the roots of the business combined with more recent changes in the Google algorithms. It has become increasingly clear that the best results come from quality over quantity and that a more structured and linked-up approach is required to achieve sustained long-term success from digital marketing campaigns.

TTMG Internet works mostly with smaller businesses turning over up to about £5 million, but some customers are much larger and we also have worked with the public sector.

TTMG Internet is itself a small business which gives us a great deal of affinity with our clients who appreciate the personal service they receive.

TTMG Internet is a growing business as are a great many of our clients. If you are not already a client we hope you will join us soon – we look forward to working with you.

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