The Challenge of 2012

Posted: 2012-01-12 16:46:56

It looks like 2012 will have some interesting challenges ahead.

Not only do we have an uncertain geo-political environment, but world economics look shaky too - even Scotland looks like going it alone.

Add to that, the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics on an already unsteady economy and well...who knows what will happen?

There are also some interesting developments on the technology side that will change things too.

We seem to be close to a tipping point on the bricks v clicks argument and mobile internet access on a whole range of new devices will disrupt things even more.

It is even difficult to decide which is the best way to go on mobile - web or app with many larger businesses opting for both.

Oh, and just to make things interesting, an unlimited amount of new Top Level Domains [eg like .training and .consulting] coming onto the net by virtue of ICANN now allowing companies to make up their own domain extensions.

2012 will almost certainly be as interesting as 2011.

"May you live in interesting times" is an ancient Chinese curse of course.