Support Details

If you need support and no one is available, please leave a message on the voice mail on the main, or support numbers below.

Or use the form on this page to send a support request.

Normal Working Hours

Normal working hours at TTMG Internet are between 08:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday.

General Support

For general support enquiries, please use the normal main number:

0191 510 0278 (direct number)

Or use the form on this page for general, or out-of-hours, support requirements.

Emergency / Out of Hours

Our normal, out of hours, support telephone number is: 0191 510 0278 (direct number).

If it is an emergency and out-of-hours the main number is re-directed to a mobile contact so it can still be used.

The form on this page can also be used to get in touch if you have a general, or out-of-hours, support requirement.

Support Contact Form

Please use the form to provide some details about the support you require:

*required fields

So that we know your enquiry is not automated, please tick the box below and complete the puzzle if requested


This form is used to receive information about particular products, or services that relate to the business stated on this website.

We do not collect email addresses for marketing, nor do we resell, or pass on email information to third parties.

This form can be especially useful for out-of-hours contacts, when there is an emergency and you need a response as soon as someone is available.

Our telephone number and contact mail are on this page if you wish to contact us directly.