Ciiicle Overview

Ciiicle is a new more structured more holistic approach to online marketing.

Its roots are in inbound marketing, but the essence of Ciiicle is that it engages the whole business into a virtuous continuous improvement cycle that is targeted at overall business success.

The Meaning of Success

map targetSuccess means different things to different people. If someone says they want to be successful, it is impossible to know what that means until you look at their life as a whole.

Success for a charity worker may be saving lives, success for an investment banker may be increasing the value of his clients’ investments in any given year.

With Ciiicle we look at what you want to achieve before we start to deliver it. Digital marketing then becomes a means to an end not an end in itelf.

So, for example, instead of driving hundred of visitors to your website who are not interested in your product or service, we may be working with fewer visitors who we know are interested in your product or service.

This approach not only increases engagement for initial sales, it also makes it easier to have a better ongoing relationship over the lifetime of the customer. This improves customer retention, increases repeat business and therefore the overall value of individual customers to your business.

Success is therefore not based on cash in the bank, but on all of the things the business does to solve its customers’ problems. For none financial businesses, cash in the bank is usually a happy byproduct of everything else being right.

No matter how you do define success, Ciiicle ensures your digital marketing is fully aligned to your objectives making it much more likely you will achieve them.

Continuous Improvement Cycle

If business success is at the core of Ciiicle then continuous improvement is the wrapper.

It begins with an honest appraisal of where the business is in meeting its objectives and progresses in steps to improve that position.

At the end of a Ciiicle we review progress develop a new understanding of where the business is and how it can move on to the next phase of development.

At each stage throughout each Ciiicle we are not just working towards objectives, but also steadily increasing the goodwill of the business as a form of what we like to call digital real estate.

This is yours, it forms part of your business and like all goodwill goes towards the total value of your business if and when you decide to sell it. This digital real estate is unlike normal goodwill in that it can be measured and directly associated with other measures of success. This means it is easier to understand and has much greater value as a sale-able commodity.