The Ciiicle Process

About Ciiicle

Ciiicle is an iterative framework that uses digital technology to create a continuous success and growth cycle.

Success CiiicleIt is intended for ambitious businesses that want to grow and for owners who wish to develop the worth of what they own.

At Ciiicle’s core is the concept of Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is the promotion of a business using digital media content. It is intended to establish the business as a reputable authority in its field of operation and attract new customer prospects into a structured and managed sales process.

Inbound Marketing cannot work in isolation – it must be undertaken as part of the business marketing strategy and be fully aligned with product and service offerings as well as the business objectives overall.

Ciiicle ensures that inbound marketing efforts are structured, managed, fully aligned and successful.


It is impossible to improve on where you are if don’t know where you are.

Insight means getting a clear view of where the business stands digitally.

This is much more than evaluating whether the business has a tidy website.  It means looking in detail at the key terms that are important for the business and how the website performs on those key terms.

It means looking at the digital presence of the business overall: websites, directory listings, social media presences, social media activity and search engine profiles.

It also means an assessment of the business reputation: news and reviews.

Last, but not least, we also look at the competition. Not just the obvious direct competition, but also the less obvious indirect or disruptive players and where the game may be changing altogether.


Just because we have all of the jigsaw pieces on the table does not mean we have a nice picture – we have to connect them all together in the right way.

Inspiration is the component that makes all of the content special. This is the element that provides the unique perspective, the useful insight, the humour and the longevity of all content.

It is the what and where and when and why and how and who of everything that will follow.

It is also the stage that introduces the outside runners – the bright ideas never tried before, that might just work.

We now have all of the information we need at hand: a full understanding of where we are and where we are going. We now add to this information inspired ideas of how to move forward and we can then fully plan everything we need to do.

Finally, with a full programme of work, a clear route forward and with roles and responsibilities defined, everyone involved can be inspired to contribute their best to make the Ciiicle a success.


When constructing a new building we need foundations, scaffolding, labour and supplies.

The final core pillar of Ciiicle is infrastructure. This encompasses all of the elements required to enable the plans and developments to work. It is split into 4 elements: the four Ps.

Presence : encompasses all of the digital locations that will be used to communicate our message such as website(s), social media accounts, blogs and directories.

Platforms : describes the channels and/or technology to be used. For example, whether content management will be used for the website, or whether a dedicated or shared server is used.

People : outlines the personnel that will contribute to the plans and day-to-day operation of the Ciiicle. These may be all TTMG Internet, or all internal or (more likely) a mixture.

Performance : is a strand that runs through all of the other 3 Ps and is a set of decisions that will dictate how well each will perform. For example, in deciding how a website is to be hosted different server elements can be chosen according to how fast we want to website to load up and  how much visitor demand we expect.


The SatNav cannot tell you where to go next if it does not know where you are now.

Measurement throughout the Ciiicle is critical to provide an indication as to how plans are working, or even if they are in place.

Ideally results are from whole business measures and not just those from the digital presence.

If we have 1000 visitors to our website and no form based enquiries it can look like failure. However, if we then discover that 100 of those 1000 visitors have made a telephone enquiry, a different picture emerges. Measuring just the digital side only, risks missing important perspectives within the big picture.

Results are measured continuously, reported on periodically and used to both gauge progress and fine tune plans.

At the end of the Ciiicle a new insight is available that can be used in the next Ciiicle and the next phase of growth and development.

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