Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about making it easy for potential new customers to find your website when using a certain search term.

In reality we work with more than one search term progressively working out from an initial short list of 5 or 10 to literally hundreds as the programme develops.

Search engine optimisation worldYou can be assured that one eye at least is always on this issue in website we build or work on. This comes as standard and is included with all levels of design from small scale standard website packages to our bespoke solutions.

Beyond that, you can choose our Ciiicle Programme which is structured way to undertake search engine optimisation and achieve online marketing success.

The SEO Myth

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has become the must have solution for all website owners in recent years.

The promise of getting thousands of new visitors to come to your website may seem to be self evidently a good thing – build it here and they will come and they will buy.

Of course the world is not that simple and so it is no surprise that many people are disapointed by quick and dirty solutions that promise so much and deliver so little.

If we strip the issue down to a simple example this unqualified approach can often be a bit like owning a shop in a shopping mall and suddenly inviting all the people in the mall to come in at once. Not only will you get an unruly queue, you may even lose normal customers while finding that more people in the shop does not mean more sales.

In other words,

more visitors = more sales

is not automatically true.

What do you think is better, one sale for every 100 visitors or one for every 10?

Well for both technical and promotional reasons the better the sales to visitor ratio the easier it is to scale up.

If we have a one sale per 100 visitors ratio, then we need 1000 visitors to sell 10; if we have 1 sale to 10 ratio then we only need 100 visitors to sell 10.

The moral of the tale is that it is better to fine tune what the website does and says before starting a marketing campaign as this approach will improve sales quicker and not risk driving natural customers away early.

Working out what this means for you usually comes out at the insight stage of our Ciiicle digital marketing service.