Hosting Services

TTMG Internet provides affordable setup, management and website hosting services for businesses that require expert support.


Servers Let’s be clear about this: you could do this stuff on your own – if you had the time, inclination and, of course, the technical skills.

There are lots of businesses out there with varying degrees of professionalism that provide a console to set the whole thing up at a comparable, or cheaper rate, to that offered by TTMGi. However, you are very much on your own.

With TTMG internet, you are supported all of the way. TTMG Internet will set up the hosting space and manage the whole thing on your behalf.


In association with our standard package and bespoke solutions, we offer a range of hosting services to suit budgetary restraints and website traffic objectives.

Whether your preference is Linux or Windows hosting, TTMG Internet can provide a professional solution to suit your needs without breaking the bank.

Management Services

Not all TTMG Internet’s customers use TTMG Internet hosting, but of those that do not, many use our management services to assist with running their own hosting in other locations.

TTMG Internet picks up the technicalities on behalf of our clients to help them run their own hosting as part of the overall site management service.

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