Cloud Hosting

TTMG Internet offers cloud hosting as a cost-effective way to have your website hosted if the website is small and the budget tight.

Put simply, cloud hosting is hosting using a shared resource. This means there can be more than one website on any one server and it is the most common way of hosting websites.

For small-scale operations, it really is the best option. However, you may have plans to grow and so we offer both small scale starter solutions, where small is beautiful, and an intermediate more scalable solution if the sky is the limit.

Starter Hosting

Our starter hosting is low cost, but not low value. For a small scale starter FirstStep site it is a perfect choice to get a web presence up and running.

It is aimed at a small budget, but you still get individual personal* service as standard, 5 email box accounts and unlimited email aliases if you wish.

Intermediate Cloud Hosting

With our intermediate solutions, you have the option of adding in a database and scaling up: the web space you use, the overall bandwidth and the number of email boxes.

Ideal for larger, or growing businesses this solution comes with personal* support to help you make the right decision on when to scale up and when to not.

* This means that if you need support, you will not have to deal with a robot, but with a human being who will speak to you in English.