Content Management Systems

If you have time on your hands and want to take full control over your website, then a content management system could well be right for you.

About Content Management Systems

TTMG Internet develops and installs Content Management Systems that allow the non-technical website owner to add and update website content themselves.

To make this work the website has to work from a database and a separate administration system is incorporated into the build to provide secure access for changes.

Content management systems (or a CMS) make sense especially if the content of the site is likely to be changing regularly and the content will grow. A classic example is if the site requires a news or blog section and there will be regular additions.

A CMS is pretty much essential in the case of e-commerce websites, not just to manage products, but to cover things like offers, reviews and customer service.

Selecting The Right CMS

There are many options of content management system available and the choice is not just about the technical facilities, it is also about end user requirements and the technical ability of the people who will be using the system.

By a long way, the most commonly used content management system is WordPress. It is great for blogging and website management alike. Well supported and with oodles of add-ins to choose from, for the majority of clients who seek everyday content management, this would be the first recommendation.

However, if you are seeking something more specific to a particular application you may want to look at alternatives or even a custom configurable solution. At TTMG Internet we have a full range of other options available including our own in-house CMS which comes in really handy when the end solution has to be just right.