Digital Consultancy

Our digital consultancy service is not an add-on cost – it is there to save our clients time and money.

Let’s say you were going to build a house instead of a web application. Do you think it would be wise to engage an architect, perhaps with the support of a structural engineer? Perhaps it might also be a good idea to draw up some plans before starting the build.

Building a web application is really not that much different to architecture: it starts with a foundation, is engineered into a structure and topped off with a facade and detailed decorations for each usable element.

If it was a building, the architect would ask about how the building was to be used: how many normal occupants, potential staying guests and entertaining habits perhaps. There would also be questions on the preferred style and personal values of the owners: open plan or, traditional spaces; eco-friendly, or just the most cost effective materials.Digital ConsultationDoing the planning and drawing out the necessary information for the plan takes time, but not making time for this planning process would be disastrous for the new building, just as it can be disastrous when embarking on a web or software development.

The TTMG Internet digital consultancy service helps you understand, then define your requirements within the realms of the possible. Making it easy to select the right technological choices within the budgetary constraints that you have.

Development specification time is planning time. Good planning time minimises changes within the project, reduces costs and ultimately results in a well-structured solution that is much easier to maintain and more cost effective to extend in the future.

The end result is reduced project time and reduced cost and a much better end product more clearly focused on your needs and aspirations.

Before the Concept

Donald Rumsfeld once famously said: “there are known unknowns and unknown unknowns”. While at first this seemed like gobbledygook, he was of course right and this does make perfect sense. This is especially true when any layman is introduced to a new technical subject – the new technical subject is full of unknown unknowns.

As the digital landscape develops and new products and services hit the market, keeping abreast of everything that is available is a challenge for those in the industry, let alone those not. This is why when someone not in the digital technology industry starts to think about a new digital technology project they are faced with so many unknown unknowns.

The TTMG Internet digital consultancy service is specifically aimed at addressing this issue. Beginning at the concept stage, we develop your understanding of what is possible as the project definition is crystalised. This process usually throws up many new possibilities to improve the specification while often reducing the overall cost.

It is for this reason we say speak to us early, before you have fully formulated the idea. Let us introduce you to the relevant unknown unknowns to make sure you are fully aware of everything that is possible, to specify and get the best possible end result.

How Our Digital Consultancy Works

In terms of its objective, our digital consultancy service is easy to understand. It helps our clients zero in on a central target of an optimal solution. This is not necessarily the ideal solution, nor is it necessarily the cheapest. It is the solution that delivers the maximum number of benefits within the available budget.

digital consultancy model

We achieve this by starting with a broad concept of what you might get from the end solution. This can be an idealised concept, formulated without any regard for what it might cost, or how long it might take to achieve.  This concept will be aimed at addressing a perceived need within the business.

We look in detail at the perceived need to see if the problem is as described and to examine whether the proposed end solution will solve the problem at its root, or just manage the symptoms. This requires some detailed questioning and is not always a comfortable process.

Once we have established the true problem we are trying solve we can then look at technological approaches that will fit both technically and in the light of the typical end user’s skills, knowledge and habitual use. This then gives us some options which can be fine-tuned, or short-listed according to the available budget.

Finally, we establish an optimal solution that delivers the most benefits at a manageable cost. At this point the specification and the plan have almost written themselves, we now need to just add some flesh to the bones.

More Information

If you have a problem you think can be solved with an online, or internal web development, then speak to us early. The initial consultation is completely free and you may well take from this digital consultancy new knowledge to help you solve your problem whether you use our services, or not.