E-commerce Website Design

If you are looking for e-commerce website design and to sell goods and services online we have a range of customisable solutions to suit your budget.

With both packaged solutions and a fully bespoke service, we have a solution for you that will suits both budgets and aspirations.

Not only that our consultancy service will help you crystalise your ideas into a real and workable solution that gets results.

This means building a website that not only looks good – it works with the search engines too.

From a conceptual walk-through, to imagery, photography and the practical problems of gathering together all of the product content you need to get started, you can be assured of professional support at every step of the way.

Even down to the tricky issue of obtaining a merchant number and hooking up with secure card clearance services, TTMG Internet can help you specify and source the right solution.


Getting The Foundations Right

If you are building a new e-commerce web site it is important to get it right from the start from the bottom up. Don’t wait for the house to be built before working on the foundations.

We are often approached by businesses running an e-commerce website and looking for a promotional solution. This challenge can prove to be a bit too great and a bit too costly in many cases because the solution has built without the promotional dimension built in. This may mean reworking the whole website to create the right type of framework that can both work with search engines and make it attractive and easy for people to use.

Our e-commerce solutions start by getting the foundations right. It is only then that we can move on to building the rest of the website. This makes it so much easier to structure the website in a search engine friendly way.

This creates an effective platform when the website is launched to make internet promotions and digital marketing much more effective.