Responsive Website Design

Responsive design is where the website view adjusts according to the screen or type of device it is being viewed on – re-organising within the viewing window to suit the space available to it.

responsive website design exampleIf the screen is very small, the website has to be presented in a different way to make it usable.

It is better and cheaper to have just one website than two or more doing the same thing.

Why is this important? Well here are some headline figures from a recent Ofcom report covering the digital and broadcast media market in Q1 2017 (published August 2017):

  • There were over 52.4 million UK 4G mobile subscriptions at the end of 2016
  • More than 76% of UK adults are now smartphone users
  • Tablets are now owned by more than 58% of households
  • More than 66% of smartphone users are accessing the internet on their phone

How people are using the internet is changing fast and your website needs to respond to keep up.

How Does it Work?

Basically the website is constructed using building blocks. The website viewer or user doesn”t really see these building blocks, but the content contained within them can be re-organised, or resized dynamically according to what device or screen size the website is being viewed on.

Menus can become button pads making them much easier to click with fingers instead of cursors and telephone links can be added to make contact responses faster on the hand held devices.

Low Cost Option

In the past we charged a supplement for the additional coding involved in implementing responsive design, but now it is built in as standard.

That means there is now, no additional cost to implementing responsive design in a website solution from TTMG Internet.

We believe that having a responsive website is now so important to future proof our client solutions that each project has responsiveness included as standard.

So, if you are having a new website built, or an old one reworked, then get in touch so we can run through how we can future proof the development and make sure your website is working well for every one of your customers, no matter how, or where, they are viewing it.