Standard Website Solution Packages

Cost effective solutions to quickly get you up and running online with great looking sites that get results.

Have you ever asked what something will cost and got a reply of “how long is a piece of string?”?

Well if you have, then you will know what it is like to enter a world of uncertainty where you may spend a great deal of valuable time specifying something that you ultimately cannot afford.

TTMG Internet standard solution packages are designed to get around that problem by defining right at the outset what can be achieved within a specific budgetary limit. This makes it easy for all concerned as everyone knows what has to be delivered and you, the client, knows right at the beginning what the final bill will be. No mystery, just a clear delivery plan for a given price.

It doesn’t stop there though.

Our standard packages are organised into steps, so that there is clear progression path from a simple FirstStep 5 page site all the way up to a full blown ecommerce site on the ThirdStep.

In between those steps, our SecondStep packages are focussed on content management making it easy to expand your web presence fully under your own control.

Finally the FourthStep crosses the boundary between standard packages and completely bespoke packages. With a standard package at its core, a FourthStep solution is usually an incremental development. This has the double advantage of the cost certainty of the standard package with the ability to add on custom elements as required.

If you are working on a limited budget, but a need a quick fully featured solution, a Standard Package is a great place to start.

Why not get in touch now for a free no obligation advice on the best package for your project.

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