FourthStep Bespoke Solutions

FourthStep Website solution iconA FourthStep solution is one that cannot be predicted, is entirely bespoke to your requirements and is therefore difficult to put a price on at the outset.

The reason for including it with the other steps is the modular approach leading up to this point can often be used as a start point, or a foundation, for a more advanced solution.

fourthstep example chancery contractsThis keeps both the cost and overall development time down to a minimum.

However, do not think our hands are tied by this – far from it.

We will help you develop a project specification and take the most direct and cost-effective route to deliver a speedy solution that will not break the bank.

One thing you will know before the project starts is the overall price. Unless you change the specification this will not change, even if we have underestimated the overall workload involved.

So you can be assured that in taking the Fourth Step it is not one into the unknown.

TTMG Internet prefers to works with open source technologies in both development and other services such as hosting. This means the price you pay is for the development only, there are no nasty licensing surprises on the way to the end solution.

It also means we can use the extensive open source community to access additional code to reduce the overall development time and therefore cost.

In developing bespoke sites we are committed to finding the fastest most elegant solution that keeps the cost down for the client and provides a professional end result in the shortest possible timeframe.

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