Website Design

The website design is always the start point in any project – whatever the website does it has to look great while it is doing it.

At TTMG Internet we understand this very well and nothing really moves on a project until the client is totally happy with the layout design.

But design is more than just look and feel and there is always a balancing act to be made between an original design (that breaks the mould) and having something that is easily navigable and accessible.

This is a balance we like to get right – it really is no use having good information and products on the website if no-one can find what they are looking for.

Good website design therefore not only looks great but works great too.

Desktop and mobile website designThese days, that means on everything: your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, your phone and whatever is coming along next. And some of these things are more important than others.

If you are selling direct to the consumer, it may be that the mobile view should now be regarded as more important than the desktop view – that is because your product or service may be more likely to be sought out on a mobile. If you are selling investment products to industry, then it is likely that the desktop and laptop view will still be more important than mobile.

These considerations are very important because navigation on a mobile phone is something completely different to navigation on a desktop. Both have to look good, but in different ways.

At TTMG Internet we have personnel with more than 15 years of experience of website and user interface design.    

Let us bring that experience to bear right from the beginning, so if you have a project that is still in an early stage planning phase, then please get in touch – an initial consultation is entirely FREE.