Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

We have a number of fixed price offerings where we can give a definite price according to choices made. This includes Website as a Service (WSaaS) options. For anything more custom or specialised we will need to spend a little time working out the specification to quote on.

Do you charge for specification work?

We do not normally charge for specification work as it is regarded as part of the sales process. However we do charge for pre-specification consultancy if that is likely to be a substantial block of work.

What payment options do you accept?

Normally all charges are made on an invoice basis with 30 day terms. If an alternative method is needed (say through Paypal) that is possible - however we reserve the right to make a small surcharge to cover additional costs.

Will I have to do alot of writing?

Copy writing can be a real challenge so we offer support to help you find the right content for a website. All we need is an indication of what you want to say then we can produce some copy for you to edit.

What sort of images are needed?

If you have products to sell then having good quality images of the products is essential - especially for an ecommerce site. For services it can be less critical, but genuine good quality images will make the site and your work stand out.

Is hosting included?

For new websites, the first year's hosting charge is included in the initial build price. The first normal charge for hosting will be made 12 months after the project goes live. For our Website as a Service (WSaaS) options, hosting is included in the monthly fee.